Clinton County, New York

Clinton County is a county in the state of New York, in the United States. As of the 2010 census, the population was 82,128.[1] Its county seat is the city of Plattsburgh.[2] The county is named after George Clinton, the first Governor of New York, who went on to become Vice President, having been a Founding Father who represented New York in the Continental Congress. The county lies to the south of the border with the Canadian province of Quebec.

When counties were established in New York State in 1683, the present Clinton County was part of Albany County. This was an enormous county, including the northern part of New York State as well as all of the present state of Vermont and, in theory, extending westward to the Pacific Ocean. This county was reduced in size on July 3, 1766, by the creation of Cumberland County, and further on March 16, 1770, by the creation of Gloucester County, both containing territory now in Vermont. On March 12, 1772, what was left of Albany County was split into three parts, one remaining under the name Albany County. One of the other pieces, Charlotte County, contained the eastern portion.